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Many people in Salford want to feel better about life starting with their health and wellbeing, but there can often be too many things to change at once. That's where we can help…

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Being Well Salford has a team of coaches who work with people who’d like to change two or more of these:

  • 👍 Low Mood
  • Weight
  • More Active
  • 🚭 Smoking
  • Reducing Alcohol Intake

About Being Well Salford

Our Being Well Coaches work with people one-to one or in a group and help them decide what’s most important for them to tackle – cutting back on smoking and drinking, changing what they eat, being more active, meeting other people, or all these things! People decide what changes to make – and then find out what can make them stick. Being Well Salford helps people to take more control and create solutions for their daily life. Well Being Coaches help people make practical changes and set realistic targets that they control.

Coaches are trained in behaviour change and will help people to learn different techniques and tools that they can take away with them to help keep them motivated. Each person decides, with their coach, if they want to meet them one to one, take part in groups and activities or a combination of both. Our coaches can also help find other people, activities and services that can support and motivate people along the way.

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